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Word of the Chair

Firstly, my sincere wishes to you all for a very promising and bountiful 2011!

Secondly, I would like to dedicate this edition of Excipients Insight to all the conscientious and diligent contributors whose hard work and dedication have helped us immensely in surmounting last year’s challenges.  My personal thanks to you on your unrelenting efforts in developing the capabilities which help to ensure that we continue to deliver good quality and safe medicines.  

In retrospect, 2010 was an exciting time for IPEC Europe.  It was a year filled with a cornucopia of opportunities. It enabled us to pursue and persevere in the kind of activities which help to reinforce the excipient industry. We did our utmost to keep a healthy momentum with regard to the continuous coordination with existing and new stakeholders, as well as close cooperation with the authorities in their efforts to establish appropriate yet proportionate regulations.

Our major effort to establish an international certification scheme is moving forth and gaining more support from both the excipient user and supplier communities.  Without a doubt, there are clear expectations from stakeholders and regulators alike with respect to the final implementation of this global scheme. It is very reassuring to know that the different teams who are working on this project continue to plow tirelessly through the different requirements in order to achieve a common goal.  

A more comprehensive feedback on all of IPEC Europe’s different initiatives can be obtained during the upcoming Annual Seminar and General Meeting which will be held in Cannes on 27 and 28 January 2011. This event will not only provide a suitable forum to know more about the progress of the valuable work which IPEC Europe has been a part of, but it will also showcase a very interesting palette of innovative scientific projects in the area of excipients.

I am thus looking forward to meeting you all in Cannes later this month.
Best wishes,

Beam Suffolk




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