IPEC e-newsletter - Excipients Insight February/March 2011 - 28-03-11


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Word of the Chair

In this edition of Excipients Insight we would like to welcome the adoption of the Directive on Falsified Medicines by the European Parliament. We hope that the new rules will further reinforce the EU’s continuing efforts to prevent the entry of falsified medicinal products in the legal supply chain. It is important to note that excipients are in the scope of this directive; see European Parliament adopts Directive on Falsified Medicines for additional details on this topic.

In other news, IPEC Europe has signed up for the European Commission’s Register of Interest Representatives. This is part of the European Transparency Initiative which, amongst other things, is intended to establish a common code of conduct on advocacy as well as maintain a register of all organisations that influence the policy-making process in the EU.

As with previous years, our Committees continue to address the important and relevant challenges which impact the excipient industry. The ongoing valuable work by the different IPEC Europe groups will help to ensure the availability of very good quality and safe medicines. We hope that you will enjoy reading the updates in this newsletter and find the updates of interest.

Best wishes,

Beam Suffolk

Chair of IPEC Europe




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