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Word of the Chair

By the time the February issue of Excipients insight is published, my two-year term of office as IPEC Europe Chair will have just ended.

During my leadership, the IPEC Europe Board’s key objective was to continue to be the “voice of excipients” in Europe. These past years I have pledged, together with our board, to deliver the key objectives endorsed by our membership: improved infrastructure, communication, contribution to training programs, harmonisation, and advocacy.   Additionally, we have embarked on a journey and committed to deliver the Certification of Excipients project which calls for appropriate quality standards for excipients, in partnership with industry and other stakeholders.

As stated during our last AGM in January 2010, we still have a lot of work to complete: emerging regulation in Europe brought by the 'falsified medicines' directive, the challenge of development of non- harmonised regulation and standards throughout the world to name just a few of them. 

Whilst I am taking a new role in representing IPEC Europe at the IPEC Federation as the new Chair of this organisation, I am honoured to announce that Beam Suffolk from Dow Europe has been elected IPEC Europe Chair by the IPEC Europe board of directors.

Beam, who is well known to most of you, has been involved in various IPEC committees (harmonisation, regulatory and certification) and has been our Vice-Chair the past year. Her drive, leadership, enthusiasm, expertise, and knowledge of the industry are key assets for IPEC Europe. Please welcome Beam in her new role!

Before signing off, I wish to offer my special thanks to the IPEC Europe Board, the IPEC secretariat, and our members and stakeholders for their continuous support to our mission.

Patricia Rafidison

IPEC Federation Chair
& IPEC Europe executive Board member




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