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Word of the Chair

Dear Members,
Warm greetings to you all and welcome to this month’s edition of Excipients Insight.

First, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patricia Rafidison for her invaluable contributions to IPEC Europe especially during the past two years in her role as Chair.  Patricia will continue to sit on the Board and will focus her efforts in helping to ensure that the IPEC Federation takes off smoothly as a global organization promoting quality in pharmaceutical excipients.

As I begin my term as Chair for IPEC Europe, the numerous challenges which have come our way during the past months have become even more tangible.  I also see them more and more as real opportunities too good for us to pass up.

I would like to highlight the recent publication by IPEC of the Stability Guide and thank all those who have been involved in the creation of this important document.  This is one milestone which provides us with a very useful and robust stability study program which helps to build the confidence of our excipient users. 

In the area of certification, Excipact is now taking shape as the brand for global certification of excipients, though much work still needs to be done.  Our certification team which is comprised of very competent and dedicated individuals continues to work with stakeholders and regulators alike if only to hone the process well and help build a capability which is suitable for all. 

One of the key challenges we face this year is how best to contribute to the fight against falsified medicines, which also happens to be one of EU’s main priorities. In this endeavour, we will need to take into account that those who indulge in this heinous activity of counterfeiting medicines are clearly those who do not “play by the rules”.  We hope that our views and continued contributions to the EU authorities on the proposed directive on falsified medicines will help in their final deliberations.

In conclusion, may I thank the Board for electing me as Chair.  Together we will do our utmost to serve the interests of IPEC Europe and rely on your continued support and contributions during 2010. 

Happy Easter to All!

On behalf of IPEC Europe board,

Beam Suffolk




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