IPEC e-newsletter - Excipients Insight November/December 2013 - 20-12-13


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Word from the Chair

Dear IPEC Europe members,

This is the final edition of Excipients Insight in 2013, which has been a busy year for IPEC Europe with some important milestones passed.

2013 saw IPEC Europe's registration as an organisation transferred to Brussels, a move that will bring significant improvements in the administration of our association. Furthermore, we commented on some important regulatory initiatives in Europe, and liaised with our colleagues in the other IPEC associations in the US, Japan and China on the development of industry standards, whilst also providing comments on regulation in other territories.

It was also a busy year for our communication activities, with successful events organized in January in Cannes and in October in Berlin on the hot topics affecting producers and users of excipients. Both these events were very successful with more than 200 participants.

Last but not least, we moved forward with EXCiPACT significantly. The first certificates for excipient suppliers have been issued and the scheme has gained a lot more vitality and visibility this year.

I thank all contributors from the board, committees and other 'helping hands' of our membership for your support in 2013. IPEC Europe depends on this contribution!

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas time and a healthy 2014, and hope to see you all end of January at our seminar and AGM in Cannes.

Kind regards

Dr. Frank Milek

Chair of IPEC Europe




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