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Word of the Chair

Dear Members,
Warm greetings to you all and welcome to this month’s edition of Excipients Insight.

As I write this message, I sincerely wish that you have all returned safe and sound in your respective locations.  The recent havoc brought about by the dangerous ashes from the volcanic eruption in Iceland did not just inconvenience thousands of people who were stranded in airports, but also caused unprecedented shutdown of air traffic and disruption to the flow of business in Europe.  Then again, it was a natural event and no one could have predicted the magnitude of its impact on the community.

Regardless of the seemingly phenomenal distraction, we managed to avoid getting sidetracked from our priorities and kept the momentum going, insofar as our current activities at IPEC level are concerned.  We had to cancel trips and resorted to other ways of getting the work completed just as other people had to take alternative routes and means of transport during the airspace lockdown.

Excipact is moving along at a steady pace. We shall soon be inviting our members and stakeholders for a webinar update on its progress.  In the meantime, the Certification Project team is burning the midnight oil as it continues to capture and incorporate the thoughts and often multifarious ideas from the different industry players.  The work on the individual elements of classification, GMP annex, GDP annex and auditor competency continues.

Our recent consultations with regulators and stakeholders enabled a healthy exchange of views and ideas across the table.  It imparted a better understanding of the ongoing thought process used to develop the directive.  The mutual interchange should help to achieve a more proportionate directive which is not just practicable but also helps to ensure the safety and availability of medicines in our region.

Work is underway to start planning the IPEC Europe annual seminar.  As always, we would like this event to bring you the information you wish to know, the news you want to hear and the interaction with the industry and regulators you hope to experience.  Your contributions at this stage will help our Annual Seminar Committee in the planning exercise.

We shall continue to call upon your expertise and assistance in the coming months.  The numerous events which brought unremitting challenges to our resolve cannot be discounted.  On the other hand, it is our unrelenting commitment to implement responsible care which will prevail. 

As ever, do not forget to take time out with your family and friends.  Go and enjoy spring time!

On behalf of IPEC Europe board,

Beam Suffolk




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