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Dear colleagues,

As you will read in this edition of Excipients Insight, this will be my last editorial as Chair of our association. While the interview with me - which can be found here - allowed me to reflect on the past and what I hope will be future achievements, I want to take another opportunity to express my gratitude to our members. It can never be said enough times the benefits we gain from your efforts and inputs and on which, ultimately, the association relies on so heavily.

Even though we are building a stronger infrastructure and expanding our network of individuals and associations with which we collaborate, it is your input that makes the difference. Being able to reflect the realities of this great intangible which we call ‘the excipient Industry’ in our outputs and gain their acceptance, is one of our greatest successes. So please forgive me then for making one last call to you and colleagues in your organisations to engage in our projects. We can never have enough help - ‘the more the merrier’ as the saying goes! The highlights of this month’s Board meeting show at a high level our current areas of focus. So if you would like any more details, please don’t hesitate to contact our Secretariat for more information and get involved!

Meanwhile there is much of interest in this month’s features and it’s always pleasing to see that IPEC Europe is reaching out in our efforts to share knowledge on excipient-related topics and hopefully at the same time recruit new members.  This edition also reports feedback on what the regulators see in their various monitoring programmes. Specifically, with the UK MHRA’s substantive inspection deficiencies report, I would note wherever you are in the excipient supply chain, these make a good reference for internal self-inspections. Particularly, the deficiencies on material management, data integrity, technical agreements and outsourced should be of interest and very aligned with IPEC activities.

So, while I bid you a fond farewell of course, I will still be an active member of the Board and IPEC Europe in the role of the Vice Chair, supporting the transition of the leadership to Frithjof Holtz. I extend my thanks to him for taking up this challenge and as no doubt you do, and wish him every success!

Frank Milek




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