IPEC e-newsletter - Excipients Insight September 2018 - 25-09-18


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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to our latest edition and as this is hot-on-the-heels of the IPEC Europe Board meeting, we’ve been able to capture a few highlights for you here. After the summer break it’s time to kick off activities to ensure we meet our 2018 goals and indeed, prepare for next year. Effectively we have only three months left so we task out committees and working groups to make their best efforts to close out projects and develop plans for 2019 and beyond.   

You may recall that in recent years IPEC Europe set out its vision in our Agenda 2020 and while it’s hard to believe, very soon that landmark will be realized. With that in mind, an important task for the board is to look at our future and map out the next stage of our journey. While the Board will pool their creative thoughts on what this should look like, we would very much appreciate your ideas on where we as an association should and need to go. So don’t hesitate to provide your insights to help the Board in their deliberations. email, call, write whatever, we’re always here to listen and really welcome your input!

The remainder of this year sees quite a lot of outreach activities for IPEC Europe as mentioned in this newsletter and also, the IPEC Federation holds its annual meeting with the Pharmacopoeial Harmonisation Group (PDG) in Strasbourg on 3 October. We continually come back to the subject of harmonization for excipients and where to take it next. It’s been mentioned before but making the progress everyone seems to wants remains a challenge and as I reported in August, we very much need a new vision and a new direction. Working with PDG is one piece of the puzzle and I look forward to reporting back to you that at least in this one area, we can make some progress through this important collaboration.

One very important feature I’d like to draw your attention to is the launch of our 2019 Forum, which will take place on 31 January in a new location for IPEC Europe, namely the Republic of Malta. Malta has such a richly diverse history it seems a great location for an association such as ours in which to convene. Being a country with such a strong identity derived from a variety of influences is very much of how I like to think of IPEC Europe and hopefully will lead to some great discussions. So, as the article say ‘Please hold the date’ and I look forward to seeing many of you there!!!

Until next month,


Frithjof Holtz

IPEC Europe chair      




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