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Save the date: APV/IPEC Europe Conference

Registration has now opened for the APV/IPEC Europe Excipient Conference 2017, which this year will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 19-20 September.

This is the sixth time the conference will run and as in prior years will focus on “hot topics” in the area of excipient regulation and technology. The conference brochure is now available for download, and you can register for the conference here.

In contrast to finished drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients the market for excipients is extremely difficult to quantify. For the first time, one lecture of the conference will provide an overview of the global excipients market with a focus on oral solid dosage forms.

As part of the programme, three parallel workshops will be offered to provide practical, hands-on insights and discussion on pressing regulatory topics, with a view to developing joint solutions. These workshops will focus on data integrity in excipient manufacture and supply chain, quality agreements and stability testing of excipients.

Beyond that the regulatory session will highlight the multifaceted challenges to ensure excipient compliance such as multi-compendial compliance of excipients, excipient packaging systems and excipient supply chains. How to verify that excipient suppliers work in compliance with the regulations and the transport of excipients will be reviewed as well.

The technical and scientific part of the conference will deal with important excipient functionalities such as diluents for direct compression, the role of excipients in inhalation drugs and transdermal drug delivery. Further topics include the requirements of excipients for continuous manufacturing processes and the impact that excipient grades have on the bioequivalence of generic drugs.

Last but not least, networking and exchange of information is a key feature of the event as well as table-top exhibitions aligned to the conference encouraging communication between suppliers and users.




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