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How to identify and manage ‘problem’ excipients in medicines for children

Children may be exposed to potentially harmful excipients, essential components of drug formulations, through unlicensed and off-label use of adult medicines. Excipient exposure should be minimised, although a medicine containing a problem excipient may be indicated, but only after a careful risk–benefit assessment.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

How to recycle lightly used drugs

Scientists develop a green process to recover valuable pharmaceuticals during drug development so they don't go to waste.

Chemical & Engineering News

Perspective: Focus on Excipients

Excipients play a key role in the development in emerging dosage forms but attention to quality is crucial, says IPEC-Americas chair Priscilla Zawislak.


FDA takes aim at opioid epidemic

German drugmaker Grünenthal's Intac technology, which uses a high-molecular-weight polyethylene oxide and proprietary excipients can be used to make it difficult to break pills into fine particles and to make them gel when dissolved.

Chemical & Engineering News

Overcoming excipient challenges in spray-dried dispersions

The choice of excipients for spray-dried formulations has a direct impact on the stability and efficacy of these amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs).


Coatings sweeten pharma tablet production

Materials and equipment innovations have advanced tablet coating from sugar to copolymers and simplified pharma production.





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