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Commodity Inactive Ingredients? Not so Fungible, not so Inactive

It is now over a decade since Hogan predicted diversification of the excipient industry into “two groups, one focusing on high-tech excipients with greater functionality and high prices - developed in partnership with drug companies and in a manner akin to an active pharmaceutical ingredient - and a commodity sector.” He described the commodity sector as the “pharmaceutical divisions of companies whose main business is outside of the pharmaceutical sector,” with competition on price and service.

CPhI annual report (requires download)

Raman spectroscopy as a PAT for pharmaceutical blending: advantages and disadvantages

Raman spectroscopy has been positively evaluated as a tool for the in-line and real-time monitoring of powder blending processes and it has been proved to be effective in the determination of the endpoint of the mixing, showing its potential role as process analytical technology (PAT).

Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

Pharmaceutical supply chain security risk assessment for shipping lanes

With the publication of the European Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guideline, to better protect the pharmaceutical supply chain – referencing EMA Guidelines in 2013 – all actors in the pharmaceutical supply chain are obliged to perform a full review of all associated Quality Systems to determine current compliance status, as well as address gaps, thus ensuring compliance in accordance with the guideline.


Growing demand for taste-masking technologies

Taste masking increases drug acceptability and medication adherence in paediatric, geriatric, and other special patient populations.


Brave new factories

Cell therapy successes have got the industry talking, but the future of the field now lies in the hands of manufacturing specialists who must develop factories capable of meeting high demands.

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