IPEC e-newsletter - Excipients Insight December 2017 - 18-12-17


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Are low generics prices at risk of causing shortages and sudden spikes?

A familiar argument voiced in pharma is that the price of new drugs has to be kept high to pay for tomorrow’s medicines, and those pursuing new innovations can point to figures such as Deloitte’s finding that return on research and development (R&D) has dropped to below 4%, to show how tough drug discovery and development has become.


Lipid-based suspension can unlock new horizons in oral bioavailability

It might be an understudied and unfashionable delivery method, but lipid-based suspension could unlock new horizons in oral bioavailability. René Holm of Janssen Belgium talks to Eleanor Wilson about what this ‘sleeping beauty’ of pharmaceuticals can do for parenteral drug delivery.


Continuous manufacturing can improve quality in pharmaceutical industry

Moving from batch to novel production is no easy task. The same goes for building bridges between manufacturing processes, as well as the role and process of analytical technology. Continuous manufacturing could be the solution, but many pharmaceutical experts have met this notion with resistance. Salvatore Mascia, founder and CEO of CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, explains how this method can increase quality assurance and efficiency.





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