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Consultation considers pharmaceuticals and the environment

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the potential risks of pharmaceuticals on the environment, an important consideration for all of us working within and supplying the industry.

The consultation – which started in November and comes to a close on 21 February – presents 30 possible policy options to achieve a “more environmentally sustainable use of pharmaceuticals” and to minimise the risk that pharma’s environmental footprint will affect fish populations, for example, or human health.

The EC has come up with 10 main action areas around the pharmaceutical product lifecycle that could help, including:

  1. Improving understanding of risks;
  2. Designing “greener” substances;
  3. Ensuring ERA robustness, consistency and transparency;
  4. Promoting “greener” manufacturing;
  5. Ensuring environmental risks are adequately taken into account and translated into mitigation actions;
  6. Ensuring environmental risks and impacts observed post-marketing are identified and reported;
  7. Promoting sustainable use;
  8. Ensuring appropriate collection and disposal of waste pharmaceuticals;
  9. Promoting more effective treatment of waste water, manure and sludge; and
  10. Promoting better overall management.

“Pharmaceuticals can enter the environment during their production, use and disposal,” says the EC. “The need for a strategic approach has been prompted by concern about risks to the environment itself, and possibly to human health via the environment.”

It continues: “Any actions to address those risks must also ensure that humans and animals can continue to benefit from the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals and that the competitiveness of EU healthcare systems is maintained.”

This is a consultation with potentially far-reaching implications on how pharmaceuticals are manufactured, used and disposed of, so don’t hesitate to let your thoughts be known at: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/PharmaInEnvConsultation2017




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