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CoAs help secure the supply chain

Pharmaceutical Technology

Certificates of analysis can be used to monitor the reliability of products and their suppliers, says Susan Schniepp, distinguished fellow at Regulatory Compliance Associates.

Brexit and the potential impact on patients access to medicines and medical devices


The Brexit clock is still ticking, and we are now only a year from the UK becoming a third country. The agreement on the transition period and guidelines adopted by the European Council on Friday are critical, setting out the political will to ‘initiate work towards a balanced, ambitious and wide-ranging free trade agreement’.

Consultants urge pharma to take action now as clock ticks on Brexit


With less than a year until the full implications of Brexit set in, Parexel consultants urge the industry to not wait – assess potential risks, such as to the clinical supply chain, and take actions to mitigate them.

Colorcon follows through on tablet-marking deal with APDN


Colorcon has teamed up with Applied DNA Sciences to use its DNA tags in pharmaceutical oral dosage formulations, firming up an option it took on the technology last year.

US FDA slams French lab for compromising supply chain accountability


Contract analysis firm Quali-Controle & Quali-Controle has received a US FDA warning after violating GMP in the testing of finished pharmaceuticals.




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