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Reinforced EU/US collaboration on medicines

Senior officials from the European Commission, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held their 2018 bilateral meeting in Brussels, Belgium, on 18 and 19 June. The two-day bilateral regulatory dialogue allowed the strategic partners to review their ongoing cooperative initiatives, discuss strategic priorities for the coming years and further strengthen the continuous close collaboration with specific action in the field of pharmaceuticals. Topics discussed at the 18-19 June meeting included the EU-US mutual recognition agreement (MRA) on pharmaceutical inspections on good manufacturing practices ('GMP') which came into operation in November 2017. 

EMA press release

French agency confirms ‘good quality’ of Levothyrox

The French national regulator L’Agence du Medicament (ANSM) has confirmed the “good quality” of the new and controversial formulation of thyroid drug Levothyrox, in an ongoing row over its effectiveness.

Le Figaro

Multiparticulate formulation strategies for paediatric drugs

Getting children to take their medication is an age-old challenge.  It’s not a spoonful of sugar, but effective formulation strategies, that offer the solution. Formulation acceptability has become a key criterion for developing new drugs that ensure patient compliance.


Are PET bottles safe for medicines? Yes, says a government study

National Institute of Nutrition has found that PET bottles are not ‘leaching toxins’ into medicines as anticipated


Nanocage discovery opens door to the delivery of sensitive drugs

Researchers have discovered self-assembling, nanoscale silica cages that could deliver sensitive drugs to their targets.


Selecting excipients for controlled release

With the right excipients, formulators can control when, where, and how an API is released.


Taking the holistic approach to solid dose solutions

Pingyun Chen, PhD, director of Early Development at Catalent Pharma Solutions, details some of the important considerations required in product development and how a holistic approach can help save money and time in the long run.

European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

Significant step taken towards insulin pill

Researchers from Harvard University have developed an insulin formulation using two ionic liquids they say could lead to the development of a pill for diabetics.


Trehalose: A novel treatment for dry eye

Excipient is being trialled as both a bioprotectant and an osmoprotectant.





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