IPEC e-newsletter - Excipients Insight October 2018 - 31-10-18


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Inactive ingredients, active risks

The inactive ingredients in medicines can pose risks. Who is watching over this corner of the pharmaceutical world?

Scientific American

New dose forms focus on the patient

Innovative technologies, such as drug-loaded devices and 3D printing, bring patient focus to drug delivery.


Musical instrument-like sensor detects fake medicine

A low-tech sensor based on sound frequencies could provide an affordable way to detect counterfeit and adulterated drugs, including DEG adulteration of glycerol.


Eye on excipients: excipient GMP standards

This edition of Eye on Excipients discusses how pharmaceutical companies can use good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards and certification programs to ensure that their excipient suppliers meet and maintain established excipient quality standards.

Tablets & Capsules

Developing lipid-based formulations

Lipid-based formulations offer a means of addressing the physicochemical and biological challenges of poorly soluble APIs.


Continuous manufacturing: what is/is not happening and why

Emil Ciurczak of Doramaxx Consulting predicts that all generic manufacturers and contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs) will need to convert to continuous manufacturing facilities in the next 10-years.

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