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IPEC Europe

Supporting the interests of pharmaceutical excipient developers, producers, distributors and users.

Agenda 2020

IPEC Europe - AGENDA 2020


IPEC Europe has defined priorities and goals for the next five years to complement the objectives described in the organisation's Articles of Association. These goals and priorities are summarised in this 'Agenda 2020' document, which has been drawn up to help IPEC Europe fulfil its role as a link between all stakeholders in the field of pharmaceutical excipients and to create more value for members.


The following topics have been identified as the main pillars of our strategy for the next years:


Knowledge sharing

Sharing of knowledge around excipients is one of our main priorities. IPEC Europe intends to intensify its activities in the organisation of conferences, seminars and webinars - with an emphasis on regulatory and scientific/technical topics - to help IPEC members and other stakeholders from both the excipients and the pharmaceutical industry keep abreast of important developments. IPEC Europe will also participate in conferences and seminars run by other organisers and actively contribute to such events with topics about excipients.


Regulations and IPEC Guidance

In an evolving regulatory environment, we will maintain our focus on monitoring the regulatory changes and communicating them to our members. This is one of the core functions of IPEC Europe’s working committees. Furthermore, we plan to foster the use of task forces - formed with expert volunteers from our membership - to work on current hot topics on an ad hoc basis.

Well-established IPEC Guidance documents will be further developed and new documents developed as appropriate to provide practical support to suppliers and users of excipients.


Compendial harmonisation

IPEC Europe understands harmonisation of pharmacopoeial compendia is a core priority. A dedicated working committee is taking care of all related topics, especially cooperating with pharmacopoeias and the Pharmacopeial Discussion Group (PDG). A special priority is our relationship with the European Directorate on the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM) on excipients, a collaboration which we maintain via regular meetings and other communication channels.  


IPEC Federation

In a globalised world, the network IPEC Europe shares with our sister organisations in the US, Japan, and China is essential. This means that cooperation under the auspices of our umbrella association, IPEC Federation, remains a strategic priority as it allows us to communicate with one voice to regulators and other stakeholders. A team of IPEC Europe volunteers - supported by the Board of Directors - will take the lead on this initiative.


Stakeholders’ collaboration

IPEC Europe's mission is to serve as the European voice of excipient suppliers and users vis a vis regulators and other stakeholders. Therefore, we would like to increase collaboration and exchange with other relevant industry associations, pharmacopoeias and regulators on topics identified as having joint relevance. Position papers and press releases about current themes around excipients will increasingly be used to communicate with our members and other stakeholders.



We will optimise our ways of communication by making increased use of tools including our website and e-newsletter Excipients Insight, as well as other channels such as webinars and social media.


Infrastructure and support

In order to meet our goals and priorities, IPEC Europe recognises that additional support is needed, both internally and externally. To that end, the IPEC Europe Secretariat is now located in a dedicated office in Brussels, and the association intends to increase the headcount and qualification there in future. Furthermore, external experts will be identified to contribute to individual projects.



A continuous priority of IPEC Europe is to grow its membership and increase the level of representation of excipients suppliers and users. Within this activity, a balance of members from suppliers and users should be achieved. Recruitment activities should be combined with communication with members to understand their expectations.



IPEC Europe Board – 02/07/2015

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