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IPEC Europe Webinar Première ! Risk Assessing the appropriate GMP for excipient manufacture


IPEC Europe is pleased to launch its first ever webinar on 24 November, 14:30 CET.


It’s now eight months since the EU "Guideline for the formalised risk assessment for ascertaining the appropriate good manufacturing practice for excipients of medicinal products for human use" (2015/C 95/02) became effective.


This was followed by IPEC Europe’s 'How-To' document to support excipient users and suppliers when completing their risk assessments. Much has been learned on this ‘hot’ topic since then and IPEC Europe set up this webinar to share the latest knowledge so participants can:

  • get practical help on how to conduct an effective risk assessment
  • understand the importance of positive communication between user and supplier
  • learn what Regulatory Agencies have been looking for during inspections


The webinar will be hosted by Dan Pearce, Global Director of Catalent Pharma Solutions' Supplier Quality Assurance program and contributor to the IPEC Europe 'How-To' Document. After Dan reviews current perspectives, participants can put questions to Dan.





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