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IPEC Europe

Supporting the interests of pharmaceutical excipient developers, producers, distributors and users


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does IPEC Exist?

It is the IPEC Europe Board’s opinion that the Council’s purpose should: 

  • Reflect and serve the needs of its membership consisting of companies, manufacturers , distributers or users of pharmaceutical grade excipients
  • Be flexible enough to encompass new regulations and other needs as they arise.


To summarise, the Council’s purpose is helping to shape the future of excipients through: 

  • Collaboration with Regulators
  • Holding seminars and training sessions
  • Networking
  • Working closely with its partners and stakeholders


2. What are the Benefits of Membership?

  • Access to IPEC’s comprehensive web site (including “Members Only” area)
  • A network for manufacturers and users of pharmaceutical grade excipients
  • A mechanism for influencing regulations associated with pharmaceutical grade excipients
  • Free help and support for your Technical, Quality or Regulatory issues relating to pharmaceutical grade excipients
  • Access to all IPEC publications and other related publications
  • Monthly Excipients Insight with all the latest news to support its membership
  • Input into future Directives, Guidelines and related documents
  • Links to staff and committees of EDQM, EMA, EU and ICH
  • Links to IPEC’s partners and stakeholders, such as CEFIC and EFPIA
  • Reduced attendance fees for IPEC organised seminars
  • Links to IPEC-Americas, IPEC Japan and IPEC China web sites


3. What can IPEC offer for your daily business activities? 

  • Publications such as...
    – GMP Guide, IPEC-PQG GMP Guidelines (2006 Ed.)
    – GDP Guide, IPEC GDP Guidelines (2006 Ed.)
  • A pan-European network of members for reference and networking.
  • Visibility of current and proposed Regulatory requirements.
  • An opportunity to influence the Regulators through one of the many Committees.
  • Experience, expertise and support from the membership and Board.


4. How Do You Join? 

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