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IPEC Europe

Supporting the interests of pharmaceutical excipient developers, producers, distributors and users.

IPEC Europe Infographic


Within the IPEC Europe Agenda 2020, stakeholder collaboration and communication are pivotal in extending our outreach to our members and the broader excipient community.

One of our objectives for 2017 is to build a strong partnership with European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG) in areas of common interest. In this direction, we collectively developed a new communication tool to address our key stakeholders and inform them about the added value of the upstream components of the medicines’ supply chain, including active ingredients and, of course, pharmaceutical excipients.

As a result, we are glad to present our first infographic in IPEC Europe’s history, to help us engage in a clear and simple manner with institutions such as the European Commission, that may not be so aware of excipients and their importance.

As we plan to continue using such communication tools, it is important for us to receive your feedback, too! Click on the image and send us your comments on the full version of our new infographic on ‘The Value of Excipients’.


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