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Objectives of the Pharmacopoeial Review & Harmonisation Committee


IPEC Europe's Pharmacopoeial Review & Harmonisation Committee (PR & HC) is a working group of industry specialists involved in matters related to the (international) harmonisation procedure but also to Pharmacopoeias follow-up. The current members are supported by additional experts, which can attend the committee meetings to handle specific items.


The PR & HC is established to provide input (via IPEC Federation) to the Pharmacopoeial Discussion Group (PDG) in order to facilitate the subjects of the PDG-work programme. The PDG consists of representatives from the three pharmacopoeias (EP, USP and JP). The PR & HC contributes also to the harmonisation program of individual monographs, general methods or general chapters of the Pharmacopoeias and is involved in writing guidelines, position papers, and drafts for the Health authorities.

IPEC Europe PR & HC also works closely together with its counterparts in Japan, the United States and China to work actively on Pharmacopeail review beyond harmonization topics.

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