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IPEC Europe

Supporting the interests of pharmaceutical excipient developers, producers, distributors and users.


Mission of the GDP Committee

The GDP Committee objective are to contribute to drug safety by focussing on those supply chain related aspects of pharmaceutical excipients not covered by GMP principles. In order to enhance excipient Quality throughout the entire distribution chain from the original manufacturer onwards, the key objectives of the Committee are to:

  • Raise awareness of the need for Good Practices in the distribution chain
  • Act as a focal point for IPEC members' GDP issues (information and discussion with membership)
  • Provide and communicate GDP related information to the IPEC membership
  • Monitor and influence GDP related activities from outside of the IPEC Federation
  • Interact with other Associations and Organisations (e.g. FECC, WHO)
  • Contribute to international harmonisation of GDP


In order to achieve its objectives, the Committee will arrange and plan Seminars and Training Sessions as required.


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