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IPEC Europe

Supporting the interests of pharmaceutical excipient developers, producers, distributors and users.


Mission of the GDP Committee


The GDP Committee objective is to contribute to drug safety by focussing on those supply chain related aspects of pharmaceutical excipients. In order to enhance excipient Quality throughout the entire distribution chain from the original manufacturer onwards, the key objectives of the Committee are to:


  • Raise awareness of the need for Good Practices in the distribution chain
  • Contribute to the development of IPEC guides and documents
  • Act as a focal point for IPEC members' supply chain related topics (information and discussion with membership)
  • Provide and communicate relevant information to the IPEC membership
  • Monitor and influence supply chain related activities from outside of IPEC
  • Interact with other associations and stakeholders (e.g. FECC, WHO)
  • Contribute to international harmonisation of GDP

Business Plan 2018

Agree upon with IPEC Americas on project charter to revise IPEC GDP audit guide and develop “how-to” practical examples to the IPEC GDP Guide 2017


Agree upon with IPEC Americas on the way to update IPEC GDP audit guide and to develop “how-to” practical examples

  • Formation of 2 revision teams
  • Combine exiting IA and IE audit Guides into one IF document
  • Start drafting related documents


  • Finish draft IPEC Federation position paper about supply chain security
  • Evaluate relevance and potential activities on excipient transportation conditions
  • Establish formal cooperation with FECC on excipient supply chain related topics•4 face-to-face meetings planned plus telephone conferences as required

Download GDP Committee Business Plan 2018

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