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Benefits of Membership

Become a member of IPEC Europe and in return receive a whole host of benefits

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of IPEC Europe membership include:


  • Receive current information about upcoming regulation and quality standards and learn the impact on your processes.
  • Participate in committee work to better understand quality standards and regulations.
  • Network in a community of experts in the same field.
  • Contribute to the development of guidelines and standards.
  • Access to globally accepted industry guidance documents covering:
    • International good manufacturing and distribution practice principles for pharmaceutical excipients;
    • GMP auditing of excipient suppliers and distributors
    • GDP auditing of excipient suppliers and distributors
    • An IPEC Europe ‘How to’ document to apply the EU Guidelines to conduct formalised risk assessments risks to determine the appropriate GMPs for excipient manufacture
    • Format and use of excipient certificates of analysis
    • Identification and reporting of significant changes which occur during excipient manufacture.
    • Standardised excipient information to help suppliers and users better evaluate excipients for pharmaceutical use.
  • Access to and ability to comment on USP, Ph Eur and JP outputs and directives by participating in compendia working groups and expert committees.

  • Access to the members-only sections of the IPEC-Europe website to comment on IPEC draft monographs, position papers and policy statements; to view IPEC publications.

  • Preferred registration fee for IPEC Europe’s annual seminar, webinars and workshops.


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